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isure offers the best rates for condominium insurance in Ontario

As a condo owner, you have unique insurance needs. Your condo corporation will have insurance for the building and common areas, units, fixtures and improvements, but you’ll still need condo insurance to protect your personal belongings, improvements and liability. That way you’ll have the peace of mind and protection if any potential loss were to occur.

How Much Does Condo Insurance Cost?

Similar to home insurance costs, condo insurance is variable and based on factors like how much coverage you have, your deductible, where you live (i.e. condo insurance in Toronto and larger metropolitans are more expensive than condo insurance in rural areas), and your personal contents.

Our coverage includes:

  • Contents coverage: covers your property and possessions. It also covers the cost of any additional living expenses for your household to settle elsewhere.
  • Upgrade and improvements coverage: Covers the improvements you’ve made to your unit.
  • Damage to the property of others: covers the costs of damage to other units not covered by your association’s policy.
  • Loss assessment: covers the cost of the condo association’s master policy insurance deductible that could be assessed to you if a common area is damaged. This will also provide coverage if there’s loss or damage to the building that exceeds the limit of the condo association’s master policy.
  • Extraordinary costs: we may be able to pay for fire department and ambulance surcharges, debris removal, new locks, spoiled or perishable products, identity protection, first aid expenses and other items not covered by standard policies.
  • Liability insurance: covers you for bodily injury or property damage caused by third parties anywhere in the world.

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Personal Property and Liability Coverage

Insures your personal property and possessions including items like clothes, furniture and personal items. If others make a claim or bring suit against you either in your home or elsewhere, you are protected.

Building Property Coverage

Insures items of the physical property, including any alterations, renovations or additions made.

Loss Assessment Coverage

You’re covered if loss or damage forces you to live elsewhere temporarily.

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