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Why be “isured” for Commercial Insurance

Here’s 5+ simple reasons to make your business switch to isure.

Your business has big aspirations, and so do we. We are growing at triple the rate of the rest of the insurance industry. Do you want to know why small startups, medium-sized business and even industrial operations are switching to us? Here is our quick hitter of reasons:

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isure’s Customized Options

Your business is not one size fits all. Let our experienced brokers provide personalized insurer options at the right level for your business more than any bank or direct insurer ever could.
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isure’s More Ways to Connect

Business is no longer 9-to-5. Get in touch with us any way you want – Toll-free Phone, Chat, In person, Email, Social Media, iMonthly newsletter, MySure, or “Get isured” automatic updates.
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isure More Friendly

You’ll find isure a lot more friendly and fairer than the “big insurance sharks” or the “hard selling, online insurers”. You are so much more than a policy number to us.
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isure’s Openness and Transparency

isure is an open book. No fine print, no mumbo jumbo, no hidden fees. We were the first to offer our Open Insurance Monitor, your guide to how insurance rates are changing across Ontario’s top 50 insurers.
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isure’s Progressiveness

The marketplace is so fast-moving. We believe insurance will be radically altered by new technology, changing customer expectations and smarter business. For your benefit, we would rather lead than follow that change.
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isure - Can Save You Money

The bottom line is still the bottom line. We often save customers hundreds or thousands of dollars and provide better protection through our broker expertise, personalized approach and competitive quoting system.
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The isure Difference

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