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The isure Team. Real People. Real Champions

isure strives to improve the value, innovation, freedom, customization and connection our customers want.

Since our inception, we’ve always put our customers first.

Why…because we’re more like you than you think. We drive cars. We love to travel. We’re passionate about our hobbies. We work hard. We play hard. We live in your communities. Our goal since we started was challenge convention, defy norms, and do something new in the insurance space. With isure’s full suite of insurance options, we have your back. We’re not just used car salesmen looking to make a fast buck, we’re your advocates, and we strive to get you the best rate (even when we make less money), while offering sound advice. Our goal is to ease the burden of choosing insurance by making it fast, easy and friendly.

Here’s how do we do it:

We rethink insurance

If it moves insurance forward, it likely happens here first. isure strives to improve the
value, innovation, freedom, customization and connection our customers want. We will
give you the best options regardless of who provides the coverage.

We act as your insurance ally

We work for you…not the insurance company. We’re not your average broker, we’re your advocate and partner. Whether you have questions, need help with a claim or just looking for advice, we recommend policies by reviewing over 25 companies to help you find the right coverage and price that’s tailored to your needs and budget.

We offer best in class customer service

isure guarantees the best customer service. You’re able to get quotes easily and speak to a human within 30 seconds. We don’t only provide fair rates; we make the insurance process simple, fast, friendly and easy.

isure's pledge

From our first day, isure wanted to challenge traditional old world insurance.
As a new world brokerage our vision is to make insurance friendlier and easier for our customers. Our mission every day is to win the trust of new clients and earn the loyalty of existing ones by fulfilling all their auto, home and travel insurance needs. We do this by offering the broadest range of products while providing friendly and fast service that exceeds their expectations with every transaction. Our pledge to you is to serve you with respect, kindness and professionalism. Simply put...isure is Insurance About You! That’s the isure difference.